Imagine waking up everyday and not having to put on mascara, a dream right? Our clients feel put together from sunup to sundown with a little added volume or full glam lashes. We offer a variety of lash styles and materials to customize a look for you that best suits your lifestyle, giving you lots of drama or just a wink of glam!


A single lash extension is applied to each of your individual lashes, giving you a naturally glamorous look. The lash extensions are applied away from the lash line where the adhesive cannot be seen. This ensures a comfortable wear and that the extension is applied properly, without damage to your natural lashes. We will never apply clusters of extensions, an extension at the root of your natural lash, or on a baby lash, as this could cause damage.

Lash extensions should simply feel like an extension of your natural lashes. So comfortable that you can’t even tell you’re wearing them. After a KBB Lash application you’ll want to throw out all of your mascara!


Appointments are offered in our beautiful studio located in Hamilton, Ontario.

  • Prior to your appointment we’ll discuss the look you want to achieve.

  • On the day of, we’ll go over all of the steps you should follow in order to maintain your fluttery new look.

  • Your service will take place on a plush massage table. You’ll lie down and relax while your KBB lashes are applied.

  • We’ll prep your eye area by gently removing any excess oil and debris, then place collagen boosting gel pads over your lower lashes.

  • The application requires limited talking to keep your eyes from naturally twitching. The more relaxed you are the easier it is to apply your lashes.

Feel free to request specific music, a podcast or just chill out while we turn your everyday look from OK to KO!



It’s critical you come to the appointment with a fresh face and no eye-makeup or lotion on your eyes (oil-free products). Having clean, dry lashes will ensure the most secure bond of your lash extensions to your natural lashes. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


After your appointment


  • No creams, lotions or makeup around your eyes.

  • No mascara.

  • No eyeliner.

  • Don’t use a sauna or steam room.

  • Please don’t get your eyes wet.

  • No playing with or touching your lashes.

  • No rubbing your eyes.

  • I know, this is hard but try to sleep on your back or side.

  • No tanning, UV or airbrush


Follow these simple steps to ensure your lashes  maintain their knockout effect:

  • Wash your lashes daily with our exclusive KBB x Misencil cleanser or a sulfate and oil free cleanser then pat your eyelid dry; try to refrain pushing your lashes down or up when washing or drying.

  • Keep your lashes clean and brushed, just like your hair!

  • Avoid oil based and high sulfate content products as well as serums on your lash extensions,  as this will break down the adhesive causing the lash extensions to shed off of your natural lashes over time.

  • Do not pull your lashes off under any circumstance. Call us! We’ll properly remove them for you.

  • When needed, brush your DRY lashes with a clean, dry, spoolie (do not brush when wet).

  • If cared for properly, eyelash extensions can last up to 4 weeks.

  • Use water-based mascara and water based makeup remover only.